Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crane Collapse

Disaster! So Saturday afternoon I'm sitting at my fabulous Mac Pro with Evan filling up his new iPod with music. Suddenly, out of my bedroom window I hear a huge, horrible noise coming from nearby. Evan jumps up and says let's go see what happened. "EXCITEMENT" I think to myself and and thank God above that I had already showered and dressed in case I needed to be on television as a eye-witness to whatever lay in store. Who knew? Evan guessed a crane fell, I guessed a huge car pile up. Adam wanted to lay on the sofa. So Evan and I venture off with cell phones in hand.

On the way down in my elevator, I'm suddenly realizing that I don't like gore, blood nor guts. And if this is a huge car pile up I may not be able to handle it. My excitement, had slowly transformed into fear. "I hate blood & guts, I hate blood & guts" I chanted slowly as we approached the corner of the street where 2nd Avenue had 'just stopped' and people were staring. Being a true New Yorker, I bobbed and weaved amongst the stupid, standing gawkers (who didn't know what was going on either) with Evan along side. "what's going on?" we asked. "A crane collapsed." someone replied. But we didn't see anything. Eventually I looked up and saw the piece of crane leaning against the building. Horror swept over the crowd. Then, began the sirens. We were there first. Then a barrage of cell phone calls and pictures. By this time the crowd was getting bigger & bigger. Evan & I decided to go to my apartment building's roof. I took these pictures. Terrible & Horrible, that's all I can say.


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These cranes are a major worry!

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