Monday, March 31, 2008

A Four Letter Word

Hey my petite cupcakes! My friend Michael invited me to join him and his friends to see the premier of A Four Letter Word here in NYC last Friday night. At this showing, the cast and crew were in the audience. Ya wanna know about this new gay flick? Here we go!!!!! Wheee!
This movie had some great punch lines. The characters were all people we meet in the village. The locations that this film was shot in were many popular gay establishments. Any gay worth his salt will recognize at least Vlada, The Dugout & Posh - for beginners. Of course these places were called other names in the film.
The acting in the film was good. My only complaint is, I could really tell the first few initial scenes that were shot. I could tell the actors weren't comfortable in their roles yet; and the scenes looks a little rag tag. But there weren't that many of these scenes. All of the "stereotypical" characters were there. The overweight fag hag, the anti-gay gay, the sex driven twinks, and our favorite: they gay liar. You know him, he lies about important, non-important and everything in between. We've all dated one in our lifetime. I found the slice of gay life in this move somewhat souped up, but not too far off base. When I watch these types of films I find myself reeling at what is/isn't realistic. So here are my two cents:
1) With all the sex going on in this movie; no one touched up HIV. Now I realize that this movie isn't an HIV movie. But when the opening scene is a gratuitous pee-pee shot of a 4-man orgy aftermath; and the main character has sex with any & everyone, I just think someone should have mentioned either his HIV status, safe sex or something...?
2) People who work in Christopher Street style card/novelty/sex toy stores don't make enough money to afford their own apartment. That's just a fact. A glaring horrible, unfair fact, but a fact none-the-less.
Did I like the movie? Yes, I did. Were the men attractive in it? Yes, they were. Were the straights fairly represented? Yes, in the form of one straight soon-to-be-wed couple. Oh and everyone had issues: alcoholics, drug , sex addicts and the list just goes on and on. Please if only my friends had their lives together enough to go to group therapies. If half of them even.
Regardless, this movie is a definite must rent. Full price in a theater? Nah. and you certainly don't want to own it on DVD. Rent it. It's the most 'bang for your buck!'



Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thanks! I'll put it on my "DVDs to Rent" list!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous BS said...

I saw this last year at the Ptown film festival and I thought it was horrid! I wonder if they did anything to the film since then. The acting was bad and the sterotypes constant. The one thing I heard was that the blond lead really was like that, he wasn't acting. All in all I remember it as bad and really couldn't tell you what the story was.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, because those models don't make my skin crawl.

The 90's called...they want their look back.

You're a grade A douche bag.

6:08 PM  

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