Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Last Saturday night Evan, Jefferey, Mr. Adam & I went to go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Oh God did I laugh. It was so damn funny. I really like this movie. I found the humor great, and the acting really great. A stand out in this movie was Mila Kunis what a talented, pretty girl.
The story was a typical break-up comedy. Sadly, I'll never understand the heterosexuals (straighties). They confuse me. That aside, this movie had some great laughs in the script. And dare I say, this movie made me actually want to go to Hawaii. And nothing has ever made me want to do that. Just writing the word Hawaii disinterests me. Perhaps it's because I see it as a straight honeymoon type of vacation. And nothing would make me want to commit hari-kari quicker than being surrounded completely by straight newlyweds. UGH! Then I have to pretend to be happy for them, and really ...I'm not.
Regardless of how you feel about honeymooners, this movie is awesome. I'll be purchasing it on DVD. Woo hoo!



Blogger Jim said...

I'll look for it, sounds good!

I never noticed Hawaii to be overrun with newlyweds of any kind. Then again, I never cared enough to look for them :)

5:54 PM  
Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Ew. Looks waaaay too str8 for me...

I saw Iron Man today and loved it.

I gotta blog about it soon!

6:33 PM  

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