Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glory Days

Hey guys! Michael took me to see this new show on Broadway last Friday night. Glory Days was one of the new 90 minute - no intermission Broadway shows this year. It's also the final musical to be eligible for a Tony nod. How was it ryan charisma, you ask? Well, here we go...

First of all, the story isn't anything remarkable. Four friends meet up at their former high school football field after being separated during their freshman year in college. This meeting is the entire basis of the show. People change, people don't change, people are shallow, people care, people don't. Oh the list is endless. Allow me first to say, the theme of the show is tired, been done & drags. The music in the show is actually pretty damn good. Sadly it's overshadowed by the tired story line and really, really bad lyrics. I swear sometimes the words felt like lead hitting the floor of the stage. All corny and not really capturing the way 17-18 boys speak. The set was literally bleachers and a naked stage. The lighting was pretty good, but nothing really notable. The actors were so good they actually 'almost' rose above the material. All four men had serious talent. Not only were they great singers with voices that blended beautifully, but they could actually act. A rarity I find lately. I can't single one performance out because each of them carried their weight equally. I want to so badly to tell you how good this show is, but it isn't. It's trite, poorly written & certainly not worth $100 a ticket. I think this show would do much better in a college black box setting. Really, not good, not good at all. No Tony nod for this show.



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