Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Poisonwood Bible

Hey kids! I've finished another book. The Poisonwood Bible was quite a book by Barbara Kingsolver. It's a story of a Baptist preacher who goes into the Congo to convert the natives. This story is told/narrated by the preacher's wife and four daughters. In general I liked the story, but again, religion rears it's ugly head and ruins everything.
The story begins with the family packing to go one year abroad to Africa to become missionaries. Then, the story ensues. I want to say how much I really enjoyed this book the way my friends who had read this book told me. But honestly, I found the book more disturbing. I found the political climate disturbing. I found the religion disturbing. But mostly, I found the father character very disturbing. The way he destroyed his family in the name of "love" was beyond me. His narrow sighted view on the natives and their beliefs were bad enough, but then when you threw in his hate and his life experience - this is one father that really wasn't meant for parenthood.
I won't say don't read this book, but I felt it catered to women more. Perhaps it's because the entire story is told through women's eyes? I don't really know, I just felt bad for everyone in the situation. Which child did I relate to? I'm not sure, perhaps a part of all of them? Could I see myself in this situation? Sure, in Africa helping, but preaching the Bible? No way. This book was a big book, not a little read, but didn't' tax my mind much either. I think some would enjoy this former Oprah Book Club book. Specifically women.



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