Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Amber Room

OK my buckets of love, another book! This book The Amber Room written by Steve Berry was OK. Yes that it, just OK. I found this author by asking the sales assistant at Borders who should I read that is similar to Dan Brown. This was his initial recommendation. I would venture to say Mr. Berry attempts to write in the style of Brown but he misses. At times, he gets the suspense up, but really, all in all, he's a poor man's Dan Brown.
The story is about the quest for the missing Amber Room. A room that is entirely carved out of precious amber that was once in Russian palace until Hitler attacked Russia and masterpieces started to be pillaged and stored for a Nazi Museum. The Amber Room and other pieces went missing. So the search begins in today's day & age. Quite frankly, the book is at best, OK. OK?



Blogger Christen said...

I've read Steve Berry from time to time... he's entertaining enough - and when one is drinking beer by one's pool, that's really all one needs.
Also, FWIW, I thought Angels and Demons was WAY better than DaVinci Code, and Brown's stories are awesome, but his dialogue sucks... but that's just me.

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