Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Magical Thinking

Well, momma has finished another book kids. I think my reading has gotten much faster in the past 6-9 months. Heh, I wrote 69! Anyway, this book by Augusten Burroughs is my fourth of his. And I'm gonna come right out and say it. Not his best book.
First off, this book unlike Running With Scissors or Dry is a collection of stories in no specific order or timeline. A hodge podge of stories, if you will. I personally appreciate his timeline memoirs more. I will repeat though that I always appreciate Mr. Burroughs writing more because he writes with a gay perspective, yet his stories aren't gay, per se. He has a voice I like when he writes. I find this book had more irony in it rather than, outright humor. I appreciate both, but a good laugh is always better.
As for the title "Magical Thinking" it's about Burroughs thinking he has the ability to cause things to happen with his mind. Like make his book a best seller, or wish someone dead. Sadly, I think the same thing sometimes. Does this make me evil, or simply God-like? I can't tell the difference sometimes. I think if I were a God I would be a benevolent dictator. As it should be. "ryan charisma, should I read this book?" No, read Dry by Mr. Burroughs, it's my favorite so far.



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I've yet to read his work... Well, if i could get off the computer long enuf, i might read something...

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