Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Last Saturday night I took Mr. Adam to see Wanted. I had wanted to see it 1) because I love action movies, 2) because I really like Angelina Jolie & 3) the special effects were rumoured to be spectacular.
I really liked this movie. I'm glad I got to see the special effects on a big screen. The story to this movie is blah. It's the same old, same old. Good guys, bad guys, and who is 'really' who? I would say that the special effects rivaled that of The Matrix. The gratuitous violence was at an all time high in this movie. But then again, how do you make a movie about a secret society of assassins and not have violence in it? I don't know either. But truly, just about everyone got a bullet through (not just in) their head. Sometimes it was a little gross. I don't like blood so much.
So would I recommend seeing this movie - HELL YES! I really liked it, and so did Mr. Adam.



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