Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attack Of The Theater People

Well, I've finished my first "beach read" of the summer. And I really, really liked it. Attack of the Theater People by Marc Acito was excellent for it's genre. And that genre being gay, fluffy, amusement. I'm sad because this book is part two of Mr. Acito's. The first being "How I paid for College." What's it all about ryan charisma? Well, I'll tell you.
The main character (Edward Zanni) is kicked out of Julliard for being "too jazz hands". Of course, it kills his ego and the story takes off into a fun story about how he not only bounces back, but comes to age in the midst of the 80's. AIDS and all. The references to shows playing at that time on Broadway (Starlight Express, Barbra Cook's one woman show, House of Blue Leaves) was really, really fun. I found the story read very much like a made-for-tv movie. It was fun, funny, slightly sexy and had a touch of unbelieveablilty to counter the humanity in the story. I kept thinking "I wish I read the first book". But I didn't - but that didnt' detract from my experience.
ryan charisma, should I read this book? absolutely. It's the perfect book for sitting by the pool/beach. It's light and you'll chuckle all the way through. Your life won't change, but your outlook will!



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Thanks for the rec... This will be at the top of my summer novel reading list!

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