Friday, May 07, 2010

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Well kids, last weekend I went back to Boston to have a mini reunion with my friends from undergrad. We all decided to go see a show. This show - The Great America Trailer Park Musical. How was it? Let's go...
First of all this show is not going to change your life, or make you understand a complex issue nor is it going to feed the starving babies of Africa. It's a fluffy, sweet, comic book style show with as much depth as Carrie Prejean. I thought it was a fun show though, with catchy toe tapping tunes that basically, you won't remember long enough to whistle on your way out of this 90 minute piece of theater. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. It is what it is. I found some of the lyrics hysterical, and who doesn't like a good joke? Or a great voice for that matter.
The cast was super talented. My favorite was the the greek chorus of three trailer park women (Kerry Dowling, Santina Umbach & Mary Callanan) who made "classless" an art form. Great voices all the way around but special mention to David Benoit whose voice is only getting better & better as the years go by. The show seemed to be a very close copy of the New York off-Broadway production. I don't know if the director didn't have his own take on the show or if reproductions are his "thing", but why bother directing? I would have just sent the cast to see the show in NYC and saved the director's fee. Lack of originality aside, the show still showed up to entertain. It's a great night out if you're having cocktails first. The cast is funny as hell and the show really doesn't ask much of you as it's short. Should you go see it? Yes, well... unless you've already seen it in NYC.



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