Friday, February 26, 2010

next fall

Wow. Michael took Mr. Adam & myself to see the play "next fall". I really liked this show. What's it about ryan charisma? Well, it's a full length play (2 acts) which is a dying style on Broadway. And if that doesn't excite you. The play begins with a horrible car accident and you're in the waiting room. Slowly you meet the characters. The story revolves around a gay relationship (male) where one is an extremely devout Christian & the other is nothing. This isn't the only theme, but it's one of the big ones. As the story proceeds, we find out that the devout Christian is closeted has divorced parents, a born again father, and will come out... (wait for it)... "next fall." As we proceed we meet two other characters, the fag hag & the self loathing gay. Oh this play is full of dogma & hypocritical beliefs. So naturally, the hypocritical Christian gay states "he's not afraid to die because he accepted Jesus" well, he gets hit by a car. Oh this play pulls you in, chews you up and spits ya out. I secretly wished for one or two more scenes, but it leaves you to figure out what happened. It's heart wrenching, real and holds a mirror up to issues and situations that gay couples face regularly. Should you see this? Oh yes. Yes you should, it's so nice to see a dramatic gay play that isn't about HIV.



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