Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar IMAX

Momma said we could go to the movies if I was home before midnight. So Mikey from Jersey, Sam, Steven, Mr. Adam & I all went to go see Avatar on the IMAX here in NYC. We loved it! I was totally enthralled by the special effects and the 3-D shit. I couldn't figure out how they made the blue people so realistic. I want a blue person!
Was the story original? Absolutely not. It was Pocahontas on another planet. Was the movie preachy about big business and how it destroys the endowment? Well, no - it was honest. And the facts are the facts. They didn't need to be sugarcoated so Republicans can feel good about how they don't care. I found the whole concept of the "braid" connecting with nature (wildlife, plant life and the actual planet) interesting. How we're all connected or rather - the blue people. The fight scenes both hand to hand & the war scenes were spectacular. I think I would like to see this movie again. And that is something I never do. Should you see this? Hell yes! And do on the IMAX!



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I can't believe you didn't mention the fight in the audience

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