Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inglorious Bastards

So last Sunday night Mr. Adam & I rented Inglorious Bastards. I'm not a big war movie person, but it's nominated for an Academy Award and I do happen to like Quentin Terratino. I'm also somewhat squeamish so the gratuitous violence doesn't enrich a movie for me either. But let's dish...
This story is basically a fantasy story about what a small group of American Jews do to the Nazis. They torture, kill and maim them. It was a two fold story, while I love seeing the underdog win and I really did enjoy seeing the Nazis suffer. I really felt like two wrongs were not making a right. While one can never pardon such an atrocity as the Holocaust, I don't feel that the Jews becoming suicide bombers was a good answer. I found this movie a little gratuitous on the violence, but I did expect that from a Tarrentino film. I found the idea of a small band of Jews taking revenge upon the Nazis awesome.
So I'll say, I liked this movie. I did. I'm just not one for witnessing violence. Violence a group of people actually deserved.



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