Friday, December 09, 2011


Last Tuesday Michael Marie took me to "sit through" Lysistrata Jones on Broadway. " Sit through" ryan charisma? YES. This show gets a giant "M" for MEDIOCRE. What a bland, do nothing show that I'm still trying to figure out why it was written and what was it's message? Did is suck? No. But enough of the small talk - let's dish:

This show begins with a huge loud noise (that I imagine is supposed to be a thunderclap) and dives right in. I hated that, at least pull the house lights down first to get people ready for the show. I know they think is clever and artistical, but it really only made me nervous and jumpy. Then immediately the show begins with the narrator (a big black diva) setting the scene and telling us we're in for a reinterpretation of Aristophanes’ classic comedy. See the problem here is the the big black diva didn't have a "big black diva" voice or at least the songs didn't let her showcase her voice. Oh she could sing, but belt? We'll never know. Then we meet the mediocre cast. Were they all bad ryan charisma? No, not all of them, but if you have a cast of 9 people and 4 don't cut the mustard - it's not a good talent ratio. Especially if one of them is the male lead, who had no business singing his ballad in Act 2. Just bad. The lead female Lysistrata, was perky, pretty, could act and could sing - until she hit several clunker notes. But I forgave her that. Some of the acting was plastic-y, plastic. But when you're playing stereotypes I guess that's what happens. What about the storyline ryan charisma? Well, in a nutshell Lysistrata convinces the girls (cheerleaders) in Athens University to stop "giving it up" to the boys (basketball team) until they win a basketball game as they're losers. Yes, that's the whole story. No sexy-time unless you win a basketball game. Let the fun and mayhem begin! (belch) Except it doesn't - we follow the cast through several mediocre to absolutely forgettable numbers. And the storyline was more predictable than the government "super-committee" not coming up with a budget last month. Act 1 finale was only exciting in so much that it had fun lighting. It certainly wasn't the song, or it's performance. The "nerd" had a number that was almost fun except the choreography looked like he was landing an airplane and all I could see was his underwear, as his pants hung too low, way too low for a nerdy, intellectual type. Act 2 had way too many songs, and I was watching the clock by the end of the show. The finale was fun and the costumes were college level. The set was functional but nothing to write home about. ryan charisma was anything outstanding? yes, and funny you should ask - the band was excellent. they were on top of it and out of everyone involved they appeared to have the most fun.

Should I see the show ryan charisma? No, not unless you get free tickets. It's not worth the standard Broadway $120 price. It's a MEDIOCRE show.



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