Monday, October 17, 2011

NEWSIES - the musical

Yesterday Michael Marie & I went to got see Newsies - the musical at Paper Mill Playhouse. This Disney production was really good. Not great ryan charisma? Well, we'll discuss that later. This means the show had a built in audience that would be the same audience for any boy band concert. As a matter of fact, a woman sitting two seats away from me said "I feel like I'm at a boy band concert." So there was hysterical screaming and applause before the show even got going. Take it for what it is. First I thought the multimedia and set were excellent. The costumes were appropriately period. What a visually fun show! The cast was big. The chorus (newsies) were about 20 men, and basically is the main character. As for the leads, I really enjoyed everyone of them. Their acting and vocals were great. Even the girl. Well, why was it only good ryan charisma? OK, let's dish...

The newsies (boy paper-carriers) were grown men. No really, they were grown men, who happened to be short. I found myself looking at the twenty-somethings and thinking "he aint `15, 16 nor even 17'. Some of them had receding hairlines. Thank god for hats, eh? I looked at these "boys" and thought wow they're sexy. Boys are not sexy, they don't have men's calves, thighs & 'boy bulges'. It was inappropriate. I wish they had used real boys in the 13 - 17 age range. Very uncomfortable. Should you see this show? Sure, but it's Disney so once is enough. I don't need to see this again.



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