Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Feet TWO - IMAX 3D

Last Friday night Michael Marie and I went to go see the new Happy Feet movie. Did you like it Ryan Charisma? Sure I did. But I must be honest. The first Happy Feet was so good, and you left the theater feeling great. If I rated the original movie with an A+, I'd say this one was B+. The animation was super great. The dance numbers & choreography was so fun and exciting. The songs were fun and well sung. The star power was all there. Sadly, the story was a little weak. Yup it's the story that I didn't care for. And they threw in a climate change to boot! Should you see this? Yes, it's that fun to look at. But you won't walk out with a giant smile on your face like the last one.



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