Monday, May 02, 2011

The Book of Mormon

Last week I took Mr. Adam to see The Book of Mormon. It was very good. Let me 'splain...

This highly sold out show here in NYC is just what the Broadway needed. A new fresh show, with original songs not based on a book, not based on a movie and not a revival. Instead someone used their imagination. wow! This show, which is chock full of talent and no star power. Not necessary. This show is irreverently funny. Not as irreverent as I would have personally liked, but it's sure to offend a few bible-belters. I feel the message of the show is actually a good message. What it is, you'll have to see for yourself. That is, if you can get your hands on some tickets. This show is so funny that at times I wasn't sure what was happening on stage because of the loud laughter in the audience. The story is basically about two Mormon brothers going into adulthood by going out into the world to recruit people into the Mormon faith. Ugh, I know. Well, everyone wanted Hawaii, France or Disney World but our main characters got Uganda. Then the mayhem ensues. I don't want to tell you much, because I feel this kind of humor is best when you don't see it coming. This show has a fun set, cute costumes, a hysterical book and even funnier lyrics. Should you see it? Hell yes, I would love to see it again and I don't normally see shows twice. NOW GO GET TICKETS!



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