Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last night Michael Marie took Sam, Mr. Adam and I to see Other Desert Cities. This show was a real drama. Not too long and thoroughly engaging. What's it about ryan charisma? Well, it's about lies and the effect they have on people and their lives. That's what it's really about, but the show is so smartly written that it's much more than just that. First let me say that the entire cast (5) are all stars in their own right. Check out the web site to see who is in the cast. The show centers around an upper class family at Christmas time in Palm Springs, CA. It deals with Liberal children of strict Republican parents, suicide and it's effect on people.

The cast was amazing, every performance was precise and very giving to the ensemble. This is what a Broadway drama should be. It's direction was smart, witty, dramatic and bold. I can't say how enjoyable this show really is. Should you see this show? Absolutely, surf over to right now and purchase your tickets!



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