Monday, February 20, 2006


WOW. So much fun it's got to be illegal. I took Mr. Adam to see this show on Saturday for Valentine's Day. I must first warn you that I was feeling very ill (some post-nasal drip / cold thing) and was afraid I wouldn't be able to enjoy the production. The Altar Boyz with the help of God, made for a hilarious, fun filled Saturday afternoon. Just when I thought I couldn't stand another "God" thing, funny or serious - along came this excellent show. Clever lyrics and catchy pop music convey the hilarious messages of God wrapped up with the sycophantic, born again, "yeah God!" attitude. I must recommend this show to everyone. You'll want the CD too. If you're in NYC you should catch this show. I'll even go with you, I'd love to see it again & again!


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