Friday, February 17, 2006

Ring of Fire

Well everyone, my friend Michael and I went to go see the new Johnny Cash musical "Ring of Fire". It was good. The cast was wonderful and the direction and set were absolutely great. However, the music..., it was country , and more specifically Johnny Cash music. There is no story line at all. Each song is it's own story. The show is highlighted with great, great talent including the band who was onstage and part of the show as well as all 6 performers. Still, it's country music. There is no getting around that. But from where I was seated the 'big' issue at hand was a 'bridge & tunnel', interracial, gay couple who sat 2 rows in front of Michael & I. Let me begin by saying that when the 2 gays entered the theatre that they were both very handsome men. The white gay was astonishingly handsome. Then, they took off their coats. Boy did he (white gay) fall from grace immediately. He had on a white on white print, sleeveless, button down shirt. It would have been lovely having cocktails somewhere in mid-July; but alas it's mid-February. Bad gay! Bad, bad gay. So I mentioned in my ever so slightly catty way to Michael what a waste of a good looking man. Michael concurred and we tried to ignore the vision in white in front of us. It wasn't until intermission when I noticed that our row was discussing the bad gay's white on white print, sleeveless, button down shirt. Even the straights. So what have we learned? That Broadway has infested itself with country music? Or that you can take the gay hick into the city; but you can't be seen in public with him?


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