Friday, June 30, 2006

MADONNA - Confessions Tour

People, my life has changed. Madonna has gone and topped herself AGAIN. What a wonderful, fun, multi-media, dance concert Ms. Ciccone has put together. I took Mr. Adam to see the "Queen of the Dancefloor" last night and I must shout out to the world "Long live the Queen!" Her show which was scheduled to start at 8pm really started at 9pm. But oh, it was SO worth the wait. First off, I must tell you that I was warned ahead of time that Madonna Louise Ciccone does not allow any air conditioning during her performance. So by the time her two hours of exuberant dance music were over, we (the audience) were soaked. So I forewent my fabulous sparkly outfit, and wore shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops, a very smart move.
Her show was impressive, I truly felt like I not only got my money's worth but a peek at what is coming into style in terms of design and media. Also, the costumes for the show were great. She (as well as her dancers) were mostly in black, but also had on her Confessions on a Dancefloor's various shades of magentas & purples. Her band consisted of 4 musicians and 2 backup singers. She danced and sang the night away. Madonna performed most of her latest CD Confessions on a Dancefloor as well as some of her older hits. I can't begin to pick which number was my favorite. But some stand outs were "Like a Virgin"- where she pole dances on a leather saddle set up to move like a carousel horse. It was great. Also her rousing rendition of "Music" set to the song "Disco Inferno" - it was astounding. Lastly, I must mention her performance of "Jump" - she was amazing and this was Mr. Adam's favorite number. I urge everyone to see this show. It was so fun that I'm sure it was either immoral, fattening or bad for me. But I don't care, I LOVE HER! Besides, how many other 48 yo women do you know that can wear a purple leotard only and look amazing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madonna called and she was disapointed in your outfit. And she said ten more pounds

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