Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

Well, my little sexies, Mr. Adam took me to see this last Saturday night. First of all, I adored the first "Pirates" movie. It was great. So I was excited about this film. Except for the awful reviews it got. Hesitantly, Mr. Adam & I went. Well, Johnny Depp was great....again. The story however, not as good. It was sort of like a Sci Fi channel show. I do want to warn all of you - this movie isn't a free-standing movie in and of itself. It has a second part. You know "Pirates 3" which was filmed when this one was. So next summer we'll know how it all ends. Maybe it will make this second one, which is full of great special effects, seem better. So bottom line... only see this in the theater if you're a fan of the movie or Depp. Otherwise, wait for DVD.


Blogger Jim said...

I keep making plans to see this but they keep changing. Guess I wont sweat it if I have to rent it next month.

10:58 AM  

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