Thursday, July 13, 2006

Giovanni's Room

I've just finished reading this book (written in 1956) and I must tell you what a great book it is. First of all I guess I should tell you that this is not a love story. If anything I would call it an "opposite of love" story. You may ask "What do you mean by that Ryan Charisma?" Well, without giving away too much of the story line, because I do want everyone to read this book; it's about a young man (27ish) and his constant internal fight with his homosexuality. And the way his feelings about himself ruin not only his life, but everyone he cares about as well. It's a sad, tragic story that is very well written by James Baldwin. Baldwin gives his characters flesh and feelings. I truly believed these people could exist. Well, in the time that the story takes place. For twenty-somethings in modern times to have any sort of deep thought isn't believable. Why is this? Why don't today's young men have deep, serious and educated thoughts? I question, did Baldwin give these characters intelligence? Was that the norm back in the 1950's? But back to the story. Baldwin, writes the thought process of his main character on the page and, as a gay man, I understand exactly what Baldwin was saying. The symbolism used in this book as well the setting (Giovanni's Room & Paris) are used to push the story forward and make the reader think. I couldn't get past the horrible tragedy of a life not lived. Or rather, lives not lived. I could go on and on about this book, but I urge everyone to simply read it. It's a very easy, short book to read. And it's so sad. It makes me even more thankful I have Mr. Adam. I love you Mr. Adam!


Blogger Jim said...

Sounds interesting, Ryan, I'll check it out for my next flight. The storyline reminds me of "Head On".

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Your sanity said...

Poor Poor Adam how does he stand it?

12:12 AM  

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