Monday, October 09, 2006

Dina Martina - LIVE

A group of us went to go see Dina Martina last Saturday night to celebrate both Mr. Adam's & Evan's birthdays. What a fun night, I thought my sides would split in half. There were 7-8 of us seated in The Cutting Room of NYC awaiting the show by the infamous Ms. Martina. And she was in rare form that night. Evan, Jeffrey, Mr. Adam & myself had seen Dina perform on Monday night at Showgirls in P-Town and pledged to see her show when she made it to NYC, and finally we were seeing it. And was it ever worth the wait. She's anything but glamorous, but in her mind - she's a star! And when she sings, it's a breath of fresh air. One of my favorite monologues that she performed was her "Soft G" monologue. "It's a personal choice to make." J instead of G. As in "jifts" instead of gifts. So funny and so wrong. Her medley of The Greatest Love of All / You Spin Me 'Round was right on the money. Maybe next time I'll get some of her fabulous prizes and gifts she gives away. Who wouldn't want a pack of New Kids on The Block trading cards?



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