Monday, October 16, 2006


Michael, Julie, Mr. Adam & I went to go see the "sold out" Pet Shop Boys concert last Saturday night. It was a great show. They played for about two hours including a 20 minute intermission here in NYC at Radio City Music Hall.

The whole day began with the four of us going to Michael's parent's home in Red Bank, New Jersey for an early luncheon/dinner. His mother made a sumptuous homemade Italian dinner for everyone. It was delicious and greatly appreciated. Next we NJ Transited it back into New York City to find a Starbuck's (for me mostly) and to head toward Radio City Music Hall for the Pet Shop Boys. We arrived with 20 minutes to spare and Mr. Adam bought me the a concert t-shirt to add to my collection. I do try to get a unique concert to almost every concert I go to. If the t-shirts are typical, I usually won't get one. But the Pet Shop Boys actually had 3 t-shirts I liked, but somehow, I narrowed it down to 1. Then we took our seats, who knew we had such great seats. I've only been to Radio City once before and didn't really recall the audience lay out. The concert began at 8:30pm, one half hour after the ticket start time. Not bad for a concert.

The show was absolutely outstanding. They played songs from their new CD Fundamental as well as many of their classic hits. You could see the rush in the audience (which looked like a mini gay pride) every time they started one of their older, more well know favorites. We all danced and sang, and danced some more. It was a party at Radio City and no one wanted it stopped. I have to admit that they performed a medley of Se Vida E/Domino Dancing that was out of this world toward the end of the evening. Neil's vocals sounded exactly like the recordings as did the music. They had three back-up singers who each on their own had tons of talent and two hot boy dancers. A great time. Nostalgic and new simultaneously. I'm SO glad I went, and with such great company only made it better.



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