Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Well my petite, sugar coated droplets of love. I've completed another book. This book written by David Rakoff was at it's best mediocre. I saw Mr. Rakoff being interviewed on television and thought this book would speak to me. It really didn't. This short book of essays sometimes made me think, and I did find a few (key word: few) of the essays enjoyable. But mostly it made me think to myself "I should write, really I should - if this guy can get a book published with the quality of these essays, then I most certainly can." Now don't misunderstand me, Mr. Rakoff can write, his grammar is good. But perhaps that's his editor. He uses $10 vocabulary words almost to a fault. Making his voice almost null to ignorant, middle America. You know, the 'red' states. I found myself in the middle of some essays reading, and then re-reading trying to figure out what he's essentially saying. And when I figured it out; I didn't care. His subject matters, on the whole, are dull. There's not much in terms of a good chuckle or even and observation that any one of our more clever gay friends could have come up with, and in some cases... better than he. Once again, not bad, not good, ...just mediocre.



Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

ugh. boring is NOT the word. still, i t's better than his 1st book/essay collection: Fraud. he's no David Sedaris

4:50 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Probably not worth the time of an outbound flight. What do recommend as a few good plane-reads?

9:18 AM  

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