Friday, December 01, 2006


This book my dear, sweet, little kumquats of love is great. What an interesting novel. I read this poolside while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The story pulls you in. Without giving too much away; this book written by the same author (Chuck Palahniuk) who wrote "Fight Club," brings you a tale of a man who was raised by a fanatical religion only to be sold as a child slave laborer by this religion and ends up a major 'pop' religious leader. That is, after his entire community & family commits mass suicide. What I like about this story is the subtle use of how detached people are from other people. And the irony of the protagonists upbringing as opposed to who he was meant to become and who he did become. I didn't give away too much of the story, but anyone whose read this book can tell you - this book is so much more than just that. A great entertaining, yet thought provoking, in a disturbing way, book. Read it. Learn!



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