Friday, November 16, 2007

Boy Meets Boy

Now here's something different my 'cupcakes of love.' This book called "Boy Meets Boy" is a gay teen book. I've never read such a thing. Obviously when I was in my teens gays were to be beaten and not heard. Now luckily, with school groups and educated counselors that is a thing of the past. Only small children should be beaten and not heard. And that's a fact.
Moving on, let me tell you about this book. This book, obviously written for teens (and myself), is touching in it's own fantastical way. And I say fantastical because it's so far fetched in so many ways that I worry if it gives gay kids a false sense of reality. What school has a drag queen for the star quarterback? How many gay kids are the class president in 3rd grade & out? And really, do the straight boys really just accept gays in school and help them get dates? Do you see my slight problem with this book? It's totally unrealistic in this world that we live in. 'Boy Meets Boy' paints a broad picture of a Utopian high school where gays 'rule the school.' I don't buy it. And the way the young boys in high school seek a "one and only" relationship is nuts to me too. Don't they know in the real world that men, straight or gay, are pigs and monogamous relationships are in the females head? Sure guys say they are and I do believe as men get older they choose to monogamous. But c'mon teens? No way.
As for the story, I also find clear thinking teens unnerving. Mostly because there's no such thing. Sure there are good kids, but kids who think ahead and weigh consequences to their actions? Um, no. I don't buy into that anymore than I buy into this 'gaycentric' high school. But what I do buy into is the fact that these kids get to be themselves ages before most. Sure there was the one kid who had the religous fanatics as parents and worried about thier boy's soul burning in hell. But really, in real life I have no patience for that so in a book I only want to smack those parents around till their friggin God comes down and saves them from this evil, mean gay. Are you listening Amy Contrada? I will smack you around like bigot bitch you are. Or at least a like a child who should be beaten and not heard.
Personally I like the idea of literature written for teen gays, but perhaps the book should be based in a reality that mirrors our society now? Our biggoted, hatefilled, fauxChristian filled country. And I know you know what I mean. Regardless, this book was written by David Levithan and his writing actually is very good. He keeps the chapters short enough that I can zip through 2-3 chapters in one sitting. A very easy read. And touching to boot.



Blogger Jim said...

I'll pass. When I want a heavy dose of manufactured input I read a newspaper.

12:06 AM  
Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

Sounds like Science Fiction!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might I remind you it is fiction.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Kalvin said...

It's really quite a struggle these days. There are great gay books out there. (Hello, Edmund WHITE! I LOVE YOU AND PLEASE COME TO SF AND HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME YOU SEXY BRILLIANT MAN!) Sorry, got carried away. Why one earth do all these gay writers keep writing about gay people that none of us really are. Well, for the most part. Are people really reading these trashy books? Am I a snob? Hmm....

5:17 PM  

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