Monday, November 12, 2007

The Drowsy Chaperone (redux w/ Bob Saget)

OK, I saw The Drowsy Chaperone last Friday night with my friend Michael. The show was packed and I was excited to see this as it's one of my favorite shows playing right now on Broadway, well would be playing had the greedy stage workers not gone on strike so they could keep their feather bedding jobs. But that's another whole story. Let's just say for the record: the union is wrong.
Moving along, Having already seen this musical I was eager to see what the new cast members were bringing to the table. Let me begin with saying "not too much." Bob Saget is mediocre as the 'man in chair'/ narrator of the musical. Is he bad Ryan Charisma? - you're all thinking at me. No, please don't misunderstand me. The show is written so well, with all the jokes built in that the piece stands on it's own well. But I have to say for all intensive purposes "Bob Saget doesn't bring much to the role." There I said it. What I don't understand is why this character wasn't replaced by a huge mega-star? Almost any male over the age of 35 could have played this role. Why Saget? Why? Is his acting that bad Ryan Charisma? No, no my childrens. It's not his acting, well OK yes, it is, but it's not that it's bad, it's just dull.
Overall, Saget's opening monologue in the dark (for those of you who know the show) was lame. Which quite reversely, when I originally saw the show, I was doubled over in stitches laughing before the lights came up with that monologue. So I'm gonna have to go on the record with "Saget's comedic timing is weak and his endearing moments seem scripted." There I said it. I know it hurts to read Mr. Saget, but you should know this. Before a paid critic sits in a seat at the Marquee Theater, and wipes your performance up like a child's snack time mess. I'm sorry but for a $100 ticket - you should be funny, you should be performance ready and you should earn your salary. Mr. Saget, you didn't. Will you ease into the role? Probably. Is there any excuse that you haven't although you've been in the show for 2 weeks now? Sadly, no.
BTW - JoAnne Whorley is in the show as well. And as non-mention worthy as Saget's performance is, Ms. Whorley is worse. She's just not good. Really. Luckily her character doesn't really matter all that much.
But I love the show! Should you see it?... Yes! Yes! Yes!



Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

Jo Anne muthafuckin Whorley?!?

i think i just peed myself.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Buddy said...

The other guy wasn't that great either, his name escapes me, the guy from Love, Valor & Compassion. I thought he was awful. JoAnn Whorley was terribly miscast also.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should the Local one strike fail, in less than two years, Actor's Equity, to protect their jobs and wages, will be out on the picket lines as well, and then local 802 (the Musician's Union) will need to strike as well - again - to protect their jobs and wages.

Will they be wrong as well?

And how does IATSE greed stack up against the Independent League of Producers and Theatre Owner's greed. Why is it worse?

Just curious?

8:46 AM  
Blogger Todd HellsKitchen said...

I saw some clips of the new cast and they all looked dreadful.... Word is that the strike may put a faster end to this show which has been struggling along anyway....

Heard Rent was also in peril...

But rumors are, of course rumors...

And Xanadu was supposed to last 2 days and there it is, still going strong. With a ver6y cute Cheyenne Jackson at the Macy parade...

Sorry you were so disappointed in the Drowsy cast as I know you love the show!

4:30 PM  
Anonymous ewe said...

I would avoid it just because of Saget. I cannot stand his persona. I have a feeling he may be a nice person on a one on one level but his image is so candy coated straight white boy nonsense, he makes me want to puke.

6:05 PM  

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