Tuesday, December 04, 2007


OK I've finished another Chuck Palahniuk book. This one was really good. I just can't figure out this writer. His stories loaded with real information are the most wry, morbid, weird and unethical(ish) stories. I can't urge all of you to read at least 2 of Mr. Palahniuk's books. Really, you should. His style from book to book is so vastly different. If you didn't know the authors you'd swear the styles were two different people.
This book's main charecter's name is Shannon a/k/a Princess Princess. She was a high end fashion model who lived with another model in a mansion and had everything. Princess finds herself getting shot in the face and loses everything as a result of losing her looks, not to mention her mouth and jaw - and her ability to speak. The story ensues after that accident. She and transexual "Brandy Alexander" traipse through out North America stealing prescription medication from the rich and renting high end cars. The story gets even more complicated as it goes on and identities clarify themselves. Out of all the Palahniuk books I've read so far. This is my second favorite. Perhaps because of it's high camp value. Really, check this book out. It's fun. Gross, but fun.



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Sounds like an interesting book. I have honestly avoided him since Fight Club because that really wasn't my cup of tea.

Oh, and I am sorry for making flames shoot out of your head. My blog is 99.99% Paris free. :)

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