Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Am Legend

Hey all, I'm back! Two weeks ago Mr. Adam, Michael S., Michael A & myself went to check out this movie. As most of you pretty things know, this is a remake of The Omega Man. And follows it pretty accurately. I have to be honest and say, that as a kid, this movie was pretty scary to me. It was one of my favorite movies (of that genre) for that time. It really was one of my first sci-fi, action, horror flicks. Now it has been remade. First off, Will Smith is not my favorite actor. He's good in the role, but I liked his companion dog. Dogs rule. Anyway, Mr. Smith's character invents this biological weapon, that breaks lose, and most of mankind turns into the zombie like monsters and eats the remaining mankind. Leaving us to believe that Will's character is the only man left alive in the world. Well, that is until a woman and child show up. So much for the last man alive thing. Now I have a question for ANYONE who saw this movie: If they blew up all the bridges and tunnels leading into/out of NYC. How did the woman and child drive into NYC to find Will? How? Anyway, it's a decent film but will be just as good on DVD.



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