Wednesday, July 23, 2008

George Michael 25LIVE

Monday night, Mr. Adam took me to see George Michael. Yes, it's true, Mr. Adam is jealous of the love George & I share. But he took me regardless, why? Because in the words of George Michael, I'm 'too funky.'
So let me begin, this show was great. I think George sounded great. His set list was extensive and he played until 11:30pm. There was one 20 minute intermission. His set was astounding. I don't know how else to describe it other than an enormous carpet was hung high and dropped behind the stage and rolled down the stage floor and over onto the Madison Square Garden's floor. Only this rolled carpet was really a television screen. It was phenomenal to look at. The graphics alone must have cost a fortune. George was the only featured person on the stage. He had a big band of approximately 6-9 people, and 6 back-up singers. Mr. Michael rocked the Garden.
His chatter was sincere and he told us about why he didn't push any of his cd's after Faith. Because of his suing the American record labels. He then said that he would play many songs from Faith. After he thanked me personally for being one of the people that followed his career even during his litigation, even after his arrests (which I don't care about one bit). God I love him. Now I know what you're all thinking, "ryan charisma, is he still beautiful?" Well, I have to be honest. Mr. Michael is puffy and aging. His voice sounded great. He danced around and had only a few costume changes. He wore in Act I - black jeans, black belt, black button down & black jacket. I know - safe. Then Act II - black jeans, black belt, black pullover, grey jacket and for his final number (before the encores) he changed into a cop uniform for his song "outside." HOT! Yes he can wear a uniform. God, I love him. As for his songs, his catalogue is so extensive that it could have gone on for another hour. His final encore was Freedom and it was good. Did I mention how much I love George Michael?



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btw: straight guys don't love George Michael.

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Totally jealous...

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