Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful People

Has anyone seen this show on Logo? This book by Simon Doonan, of Barney's window display fame, was great. More of an affectionate memoir than a biography, but entertaining as hell. I chuckled and laughed out loud at some of the stories in here. Not only does the story take place during the 70's & early 80's but it's filled with the kitch and camp of it's time. Or rather, what a boy growing up during those times thought was these things. So funny.
The book is broken down into one chapter stories and although somewhat chronological, it does jump around a bit. It's filled with childhood fears & dreams like we all have and then see come to fruition, fade away or die on the vine. I'd have to say that most of the book is highly entertaining but the source of the humor is the author's sense of love for his family & friends. I must warn you that even my tiny black heart melted at one of the chapters where is good friend and roommate in LA died of AIDS. And it was heartwrenching to read. A good tear fell, but it only added to the humanity of this clever memoir.
Should you read this? Sure you should, it's good. Will it change your life? Maybe, and if the book doesn't I'm sure the TV show will.



Anonymous CocteauBoy said...

Wow. I haven't heard of this. I don't watch LOGO very often. It's seems always to be so... contrived? But there are gems there that I miss, like knowing about this book. But then, I have little treasures like you to keep me abreast of that stuff. *snicker* I said "breast."

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