Thursday, January 21, 2010

Present Laughter

Michael took me to see Broadway's newest old play Present Laughter starring Victor Garber. This 1930's play is not one of Noël Coward's best plays as far as I'm concerned. For a comedy it certainly had quite a few, shall we say, unfunny moments. Did you hate the show ryan charisma? No! Certainly not. But for such a large cast, it certainly isn't something I'd take an out-of-towner to go see. No matter how strong the star power is. The show for lack of a better word - drags. In Act II, Scene 1 I didn't think I would actually be able to bear a long conversation between two characters. It went on endlessly and quite frankly - I zoned it right out.
Now honestly, I'm a huge fan of many older plays. Some by
Noël Coward himself. But I just don't think this is worth $120 a ticket. There I said it. Should you go see this? Nah, only if you have a personal connection to the play. It's long and has poor "speed of life". There, I said it.



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