Friday, December 11, 2009

A Steady Rain

Mikey from Jersey took Sam, Adam & I to see this play. I'll be honest, although this show featured two really famous movie stars, I feel it was poorly written. Let me start at the beginning.
Both Craig & Jackman were excellent, with the exception of Craig's Irish Chicago cop's accent. It sounded like he just learned it. Great performances, no really. The set was two chairs. That's it and it worked. Now the bad part. The story had no arc. It had no moral. Just a slew of monologues, with a very basic storyline that they followed. Eh. I will say that the show was far more entertaining than the reviews I had read before seeing it. I really didn't have high expectations. Overall, I liked it. It was not life changing though.
The story basically was about a Morphine addicted, family man, Chicago, Italian cop (Jackman) & his alcoholic, terminally single, Chicago, Irish cop partner (Craig). We meet them, they fight both verbally & physically, they're friends, one likes hookers, one gets mad at a pimp loses his career, they encounter a serial killer, someone dies, blah blah blah. You see?
Then after the show, Mr. Craig & Mr. Jackman auctioned off their undershirts from the stage for $30,000. They got 3 people to purchase their clothing for $10,000 each for Broadway Cares & Equity Fights AIDS. Fun!



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