Tuesday, December 01, 2009

White Christmas

So Mikey from Jersey took me to see this holiday classic brought to life on stage. So let me tell you how fun this show is. If you like old fashioned tap extravaganza musicals - this is the show for you. Only second to 42nd Street is this show. Every song you know. And the cast is really talented. I must say that the men this year are far more talented than the women. But the women don't deter from the show but they do hand the show over to the male leads. I loved the production value of the show. I loved the costumes and the sets. There wasn't much to dislike - well other than the silly storyline and old fashioned style of acting.
Should you see this? eh - yes, if you like tap musicals or if you love the movie. Other than that - see a different show.



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