Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Hey kids! I'm back and I read another book. This one I've been waiting for. For a long time, I might add. So what is it? The book is the new Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol. So what did I think? Let me tell yas...
It was good. Did it pull me in the way his other books did? No, not really. But I did enjoy it. I really appreciate the amount of homework (god I still hate that word) Mr. Brown does. Say it with me now "we already don't trust the American government". It's really that simple. But the whole Masons & Secret Society stuff is pretty good. But really, not Dan's best book. It really isn't. He uses the same main character from both Davinci Code & Angels & Demons. So I felt like I had a vested interest in this story.
ryan charisma - was it a page turner like some of his other books? No, sadly it wasn't - it was OK.



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