Friday, May 21, 2010

La Cage Aux Folles

Wednesday night Michael Marie took me to see the latest incarnation of La Cage Aux Folles here in NYC. The pre-buzz about the show was not good. But the reviews were great. So let's see what we thought, shall we? First off the two leads Kelsey Grammer & Douglas Hodge were wonderful. I totally believe Kelsey was a gay man. And his singing was good. For a show that I think of as a "singer's" show, I'll tell you - neither lead could sing. Well, sing great. But it didn't matter, you loved them. Doug Hodge was phenomenal. He wasn't a Nathan Lane copycat at all. Which is refreshing since the last La Cage's (at the Marquee) was. The director found jokes and laughs in places there never were. I've seen this show several times and I have to say. This is the best version I've ever seen.
The Cagelles were super, their choreography was superb. I really, really enjoyed this show. As for the set, they made the theater into the nightclub with posters of Albin & Georges hanging up in the entrance and we were greeted by one of the Cagelles going in. This show was done really, really well. Should you see it? Hell yes. And if I were you, I'd get my tickets now because after it wins all those Tony Awards - you'll never get in. kiss kiss...



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Thanks for the review... I will make a point to see this soon!

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