Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sex And The City 2

Sunday night, Jim, Geoff, Sam, Michael, Dan, Mr. Adam & I went to fulfill our gay obligation to see Sex And the City 2. Now I'll be honest, I did not have high expectations of this film. As a matter of fact, I only went opening weekend because Mr. Adam really, really wanted to. So let's dish...

"ryan charisma didn't you like it?" Well, in a word "yes, yes I did." Let's just go over a few points that struck me though. Sarah Jessica Parker looked good. The girl has the slimmest body and therefore can wear clothes that no normal woman could wear. She looked good, especially since she finally had the facial mole removed. Thank you Sarah, why did you wait so long? Her character Carrie obsessed over finally being married to Big. I mean really? She obsessed over marrying him, all at the peril of both Berger & Aidan relationships. So she got Big, but in true nagging bitch form, she undermines her own healthy marriage. Why do straight men put up with that shit? I'll never understand. Anyway, the long & short of it is. Samantha gets invited to Abu Dahbi and naturally, she gets to take along 3 friends. Don't all potential clients do that for potential hires? Now Charlotte (the stay at home mom) has both a life of luxury & a nanny. But her life is so hard. How do women do it without help? Then, there's Miranda who got the best husband of all... Steve, and she's sad at work. Her new boss is disrespecting her. So she quits her job! What? That's the American dream right there. As far as I'm concerned the movie could stop then, I would have been happy. I support quitting horrible jobs. Oh wait, I can't do that. So there's your set up. All these ladies have nothing making them stay in NYC so they're all free for their 'free' trip to Abu Dahbi. Yeah.

Once we get there we learn that Carrie is a fool for telling Big that she kissed, yes that's all, kissed Big. I was like "yes? ...and?" Charlotte is sure her husband is banging her nanny, which was her biggest obstacle. She didn't want to lose her nanny. Who would when you don't have to work and live such an affluent life. Life is so difficult. Samantha was going through "the change" and taking everyone with her, as her Suzanne Sommers' vitamins & hormones were taken away at the airport by customs upon arriving in Abu Dahbi. Naturally, this was the main source of most of Samantha's jokes. I won't tell you much more as I don't want to give it all away. Let's just say that if you can suspend your disbelief for 2 hours, and not be jealous of clothes, shoes, lifestyles, husbands & vacations that you'll never ever be able to afford. You'll like the movie too!

The ladies are no longer relate-able, but this movie was SO much better than the initial reviews led me to believe. I liked it. Should you see it? Yes.



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I'll pass on this one! well, maybe I'll see it on TV some day....

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