Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Normal Heart

Last Saturday Michael Marie took me to see the famous The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer.

Now I've never seen the play, I've never read it, but I was familiar with the subject matter of the show. So who has been affected by AIDS? Know anyone living with HIV? Know anyone who died of AIDS or AIDS related illnesses?

This play is exactly about that. It takes place in the 80's when no one knew what was going on. There was no test, there were no meds and there certainly wasn't any concern from the government. This play takes the disease and puts it on the kitchen table for all to see. It lays the blame where it belongs at the feet of Ronald Regan & Mayor Koch of NYC. Shame on them, especially Koch - the big old closeted homo. The shame that the Regan administration must carry for eternity is huge. Years were wasted. Something should/could have been done when there were under 300 cases, but gays & certainly "gay diseases" were political hot potatoes. So let the gays die, they earned the disease. Shame, shame and another helping of shame. As a side note, I will never, ever let any Republican get away with saying Regan was a heroic president. He was a coward and did NOT do the right thing. How fucking Christian.

Back to the show, I really enjoyed it. Sure it was very sad. But it portrayed the disease, it's victims & the people who tried to help beautifully. The extremely well written play was phenomenal. I really, really enjoyed it. Would I see it again. I don't know - it's very upsetting. But should you see it? Fuck YES especially if you're a gay or a Republican.



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Wow thats craZy I have to hear more and i agree it's very upsetting.

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