Wednesday, March 16, 2011


OK peeps, last week Michael Marie took me to see this Tom Stoppard show. It's described as a lush production. Good lord it isn't. It's technically 3 hours I'll never get back. There I said it. Sometimes artsy fartsy isn't good. And this people is so dull, so dreary and so uninteresting that I can't believe the show had broadway celebrities in it. Yes, it was that bad.
First off, who cares what Lord Byron did with guns? Who cares if he was framed for a murder, or if the murder even was a murder? It was SO long ago. And the scandel of a teacher falling for his pupil has been done 100 times and I don't find it shocking nor titilating. Just fodder. I would love to go on and tell you how the old British accents were so thick that I didn't understand half the lines that certain charectars were saying. Or that the modern day charecters were so clean and developed that you actually understood their subtext. But this show is such a failure, in Broadway standards, that it's a wonder that it's still running at all. Blech. Should you go see it? ONLY IF YOU HAVE INSOMNIA.



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