Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PRISCILLA - Queen of the Desert

Wednesday night Michael Marie took Sam, Mr. Adam & myself to go see Priscilla Queen of the Desert - the musical on Broadway.
FANTASTICAL! I loved it. The show follows the Australian indie film almost exactly. If I were to describe the show I would say "Mamma Mia for gays... only better!" Where do I begin? The fabulous costumes? The incredible bus/set? How about the awesome acting? Maybe I just liked the physically beautiful mens? Put it all together and you got one fun-ass show.
The show is about 3 drag queens (technically two drag queens & one trannie - yes bitches, I wrote trannie - get over it) driving through the Australian Outback in a beat up bus. The mayhem ensues the minute the play begins. Some of the best choreography I've seen on Broadway in quite a while. From fleshy drag numbers to completely fleshed out Broadway show stopping numbers. A few that come to mind are "Don't Leave Me This Way, McArthur Park & Material Girl." Yes this show is a jukebox musical, but it's story is first and foremost then the music fits in, unlike the other jukebox musicals where the story is built around the songs. And it shows. I loved it, I'll see it again, and maybe again! Should you see it! RUN, DON'T WALK, especially if you like fabulous drag queens and irreverent humor. kisses!



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