Friday, April 01, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

Wow! Last night Michael Marie took Adam & I to see Catch Me If You Can on Broadway. First off, we had great seats. I felt like I was in the show. This musical followed the book & movie pretty accurately. I found the score catchy and hummable. the performances were outstanding. But let's chat...

The show was presented in a 60's/70's variety show way (Think Dean Martin & the Gold Diggers). The leads were great. Their voices soared. The set was a white washed bandstand that opened up and moved around, all the while the entire orchestra sat on it. Has it been done before? Sure, but it was done well. Very well. I found this show moved along and even the two ballads didn't bore me. Sometimes my mind wanders during dull songs. OK, my mind wanders no matter what. Anyway, I can't not mention the HOT girls in the chorus. All bodies, like Dean Martin would have. So ladies if your man doesn't like the Broadway, this is one way to get him in. Lure him with these girls with smoking bodies. I really, really liked this show. Should you see it? Hell yes! But get tickets now, cause they're gonna sell out.



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