Thursday, April 26, 2012


Last Wednesday Michael Marie took me to see They Lyons on Broadway.  I really enjoyed the show.  How so ryan charisma?  Well, I really enjoyed it.  I thought the show was well written & the acting brought the script to a whole new level.  What’s it about ryan charisma?  The show is a black comedy about a dysfunctional family on the verge of several life changes.  The show opens in the hospital room of Ben Lyons.  He’s terminal with cancer and only has days to live.  The dark hilarity ensues from there.  As the show progresses we meet their two children.  I spent a long time thinking about this show and its meaning and what the playwright was trying to say.  I think ultimately the show is about a bad marriage and its effect on everyone it involves.  The husband loves his wife for who he thinks she should/could be.  The wife despises her husband but stays in a bad marriage.  And lastly, the children continue the cycle.  It’s funny, but sad.  Very strange.  Linda Lavin will be nominated for a tony I’m sure.  Her performance was a Jewish mother tour-d-force.  She really was outstanding, as was the rest of the cast.  Should I see this ryan charisma?  Well, that’s up to you.  It’s excellent theater, but I was very uncomfortable with the way a man on his death bed was spoken to.  But that’s my issue.  The rest of the audience was in hysterics.  It’s a black comedy – enjoy.



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This one just closed this week.... I'm sure they were hoping Lavin would nail a Best Actress Tony.... But the competition this year was waaaaaay off the charts!

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