Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So Easter weekend I took Mr. Adam to go see the new Broadway production of Pippin!  Let’s dish ‘cause we got magic to do…

Forty years have passed since the first Broadway production of Pippin and I have to say this new Pippin... it’s bold, it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s naughty and it’s great.  I loved it.  I first went into the show very hesitant about Patina Miller taking on the “leading player” role made famous by BenVereen.  But I have to admit – that trepidation went away as the show began.  She played the part exceptionally.  The choreography of the show should have had its own bow.  The recreation of Bob Fosse’s original choreography was stellar.  It really was one of the characters in the show.  The director tied in both choreography & this “cirque de soleil” type of acrobatics that enhanced the show perfectly.  It didn’t take over the show but complimented it without overshadowing Fosse’s original choreography. 

I could go on & on all day about how much I really  liked this show, but bottom line – run don’t walk to see this brilliantly shining piece of Broadway.  Hurry – Patina is waiting.