Friday, April 27, 2012


Wednesday night my friend Andrew (thank you Andrew) took me to see Leap Of Faith on Broadway.  Is it the same story as the Steve Martin movie ryan charisma?  Why yes, yes it is.  Naturally they made some changes to the book but it basically followed the movie’s plot.  This play starred Raúl Esparza (one of my favorite Broadway actors), playing the Steve Martin role.  His vast talent was wasted.  And at times I don’t feel he hit the spot with some of his revival-ing.  But I like him, I’ve seen him a few shows.  What did you think of the show ryan charisma?
OK, let’s dish.  First off, I liked the way the audience was set up with the cast entering through the mezzanine, and the band was in the side boxes.  Once you got onto the stage I felt the creativity ended.  The set was average.    I feel as though the two characters that stood out in the show were the gospel choir & Raúl.  Their performances stood out.  Beyond that, some voices stood out.  I would say the weakest part of the show, by far, was the score.  Some of the lyrics were eye rolling.  As one audience member said to me – “they made some choices.”  GlennSlater (lyricist) certainly did.  Ugh.  Overall the show was mediocre.  I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it.  Should I see the show ryan charisma?  No, you really shouldn’t and I love Raúl.



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