Thursday, October 18, 2012


I’m back my petite buckets of love!  Last Tuesday Michael Marie took me to see Scandalouson Broadway.  Oh ryan charisma, isn’tthat the show Kathie Lee Gifford wrote?  Whyyes, yes it is...  Let’s dish.

Let me start off with that Scandalous is 2.5 hours of mylife I’ll never get back.  The musical isbased on the life of Aimee Semple McPherson. A famous Los Angeles evangelist who used media to get her messageout.  As a matter of fact, she was thesecond woman ever to have a radio broadcasting license.  The show had some major stars.  Carolee Carmello was working her ass off asAimee, George Hearn played dual roles as Aimee’s father & later as KennethOrmiston, a rival pastor that was trying to bring Sister Aimee down.  Rounding out the extremely talented cast wasRoz Ryan as the evangelized whorehouse madam who later works for SisterAimee.  But no matter how hard the castworked, this show was so bad it actually made a sucking sound!  SO BAD. 

The biggest drawback of this show?  The lyrics. They were so bad that you would have thought a middle school kid wrotethem.  So bad, so very, very bad.  I’m sorry Kathie Lee, but you failed as a lyricist.  I don’t know if all those stars owed youfavors, but now you owe them.  The otherpart of the show that I felt detracted was the choreography.  The cast was great in performing it, staying synchronized,and pretending that they wanted to be there. But it was bad.  The lyrics wereawful.  The show was a disaster.  

Should you go see this atrocity?  Absolutely not.  Unless you want to punish whomever you’regoing with.  I give the show what - 6 weeks?



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