Friday, June 15, 2012


So last Friday night Michael Marie took Sam, Mr. Adam and me to go see Harvey on Broadway.  What did you think ryan charisma?  Well,...  I'm glad I didn't purchase the tickets.  Let's begin there,

First off, it's an old fashioned play, in the veins of Arsenic & Old Lace.  The show was very well directed.  And the stylized acting was done well, very well in many cases.  The set was excellent as were the set changes.  They were done with 3 turntables on the stage.  But it was still an old play.  An old, dusty, boring play.  Not all the stars in the cast, not all the wonderful stagecraft in the world made this show any more exciting or dare I say it?  "Funny."  It just kind of meandered along with very little... anything.  I was so excited to see this production as I didn't know the story (I didn't see the movie) and I really liked all the celebrities in the cast.  But no.  No, no, no.  The production was charming, it was done well, but the play itself was still Harvey - no matter how you sliced it.  Should you go see this show?  Absolutely not, well maybe if you get free tickets.  Sad really.



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