Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Da Vinci Code (movie)

I know, I know... you're all wondering "Ryan Charisma, what did you think? Did you like it? Should I go see it? Will my Christian faith be compromised?" Well..., where should I begin...
I liked the movie, it followed the book for the most part. Although, certain aspects of the ending of the movie are different than the ending of the book. First off, I would never have thought of Tom Hanks for the title role, but he did win me over. He was fine, the rest of the cast was good as well. I found that the movie lacked the thrilling pace that the book had. I assume it's because of all the "cerebral" scenes that needed to be added. Mr. Adam had a hard time believing the Tom Hank's character happened to be an expert on everything. Overall, I'm glad I saw it - so I could tell you to wait for the DVD. It will have just as much impact and you'll enjoy it just as much at home; that is... unless you read the book. As for those kooky Christians and all their picketing. Initially I needed to ask myself, why weren't they picketing this book (that is sold in the "fiction" section of the bookstore) three years ago when it was first out? Where were they then? Poor stupid, stupid people. It's only a story. Sort of like the Bible - just a story. But these Christians have got to carry on picketing the movie. Don't they know that any publicity is good publicity?
Besides - why couldn't Jesus have been married? It's not that far fetched of an idea. Is it?


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Blogger PJS said...

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Blogger Jim said...

I was a little disappointed in DVC, the movie, but I saw it after reading the book so the detail, as you mentioned, is not there.

What I LOVED was the Silas character, freaking awesome, hard to believe its the same guy that did Wimbledon.

Don't get me started on these people protesting, like you said, its fiction. Don't they get the fact that they're protesting is sending more and more people to the theatre? :)

2:35 PM  

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