Wednesday, June 07, 2006

BAD Macy's, BAD!

Well, who here knew Macy's was a bunch of bigots? Or worse yet, spineless bigots? Yellow-bellied Macy's (Boston) has pulled it's PRIDE 06 window display because of pressure from a fanatical anti-gay group opposing it. How offensive is this window? It's NOT! Well, other than the manequin wearing a pride flag as a sarong. But then again it's pride - why not? Shame on Macy's, shame on any gay Macy's employee who is allowing this. And shame on anyone who spends money at their establishment.

Let Macy's know how you feel:
Macy's East Coast Office: Mike McNamus (800) 264-069 X2337
Macy's East Coast Public Relations: Elina Kazan (212) 494-4624
Manager, Boston Macy's : Linda Stahley (617) 357-3164
Special Events Coordinator, Boston: Robin Rydell (617) 357-3164
President, Macy's East Coast Operations (212) 695-4400



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